You no longer have to face a cluttered email inbox when working with your insureds, agency staff members, and underwriters.

Messages is a chat-based communication and collaboration platform. You can chat with your insureds, agency staff members, and underwriters.

All your messages will be saved in the "room" that you have a conversation in. A "room" contains all the conversations you've had with a particular person.

Unread Messages are shown on the Dashboard (the most recent ten are shown). Messages are located at the Dashboard navigation.

You can attach documents to your messages, making document exchange a secure transaction. Documents can than be viewed securely through the messages view.

Messages are secure communication sand can be used in various ways.

  1. Internally
    - Messaging between agency staff members.
  2. Externally
    - Messages between agency staff members, and your insureds.
    - Messages between agency staff members and EGIS's underwriter, billing, and general administration.

An e-mail notifications of messages are sent to the email account you have on file when registred. You can reply to Messages directly from these email notifications.