Adding Insureds

  1. From EGIS home page click on the Login button.
  2. Enter your “Username” and “Password” followed by Sign in.
  3. There are two ways to add an insured(s).. Manually, one at a time, or by Uploading Multiple insureds by using a CSV file template.
    • To add insured manually click on the Insureds Add insured

      When entering an insured you will have to select one contact as the primary contact. The primary contact will receive all email communications. You may reasign the primary contact when adding more contacts.
    • The following are the requirwed insured fields:
      • Insured legal name
      • Business ownership
      • TIN (Tax Identification Number)
      • Year established
      • Physical address including City, Stae and Zip
      • Contact first name, last name, title, day and month of birth
      • Contact email
      • Contact telephone
      • Assign as primary contact (Yes/No)
    • Once the insureds required information has been entered, and before saving the insured, you may do one of the followings:
      • Save the insured and enter new insured.
      • Save the insured and exit.
      • Save the insured, and send an application link to the insured via email
      • Save the insured and start a new application on behalf of the insured.
  4. To upload multiple insureds via CSV file template click on the Insureds Download CSV file. Save the file to your desktop.
  5. When you are done entering the insured(s) to the CSV file, save the file to your desktop.
  6. At the agent portal top navigation click on Insureds Upload insureds and upload your saved CSV file.
    • Insureds with Insured status marked as Active and email marked as Yes, will receive an email with a link to fill an application at the completion of the insured upload file.

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